About Us

Our Story

Onsite Massage was founded with a mission to “Help DC Relax.” From the very start, our vision was to create a mobile service that was not only needed, but was appropriate for ambitious working environments & professionals of all types.

We’ve all heard the buzz about ‘work-life balance’ and ‘wellness.’ Most of us are also familiar with the challenges inherent in achieving and maintaining the ‘perfect balance,’ because life is constantly in-flux. Yet, there’s a lot we can do for ourselves on the road to optimal health in our everyday, and Onsite Massage therapy is a fantastic way to mitigate everyday mental, emotional & physical stressors. Not only is it an effective tool for treatment of common work-related maladies, it’s a proven way for companies & organizations to enliven their internal culture and boost morale & productivity within the workplace – And elsewhere!

Quite simply, our goal is to increase the happiness quotient wherever we go. When our clients are smiling & relaxed, it’s a great day at the mobile office.

We look forward to working with you!

Founder & CMO (Chief Massage Officer)

Our Values

Our Values are what guide us, and we think it’s important for you to know where we’re coming from.

INTEGRITY: acting with honesty and with an ethical barometer in all we do. Our trustworthiness, sustainability of business, and strength of internal company community stems from the loyalty of the individual & the collective integrity of our thoughts and actions.

QUALITY: of service, interpersonal communication, skill & continued education, accountability, integrity & stewardship.

STEWARDSHIP: the careful and responsible management of absolutely everything entrusted to one’s care.

ACCOUNTABILITY: fully responsible & answerable for actions toward ourselves, each other & our clients.

POSITIVITY: words & actions that promote a positive environment and uplifted interpersonal relations.

Our Team

Our ever-expanding Team of Massage Therapists deliver a diverse skill set wherever they go. They’re professional, highly-skilled, positive individuals who value collaboration over competition. They’re reliable, adaptable and trustworthy. They’re confident & enjoy moving around in new environments and working with a variety of people. They value great communication & working alongside like-minded professionals in order to help others. They understand the value long-standing relationships, and strive to create them.