In The Workplace

We put stock in your company culture and recognize that each person is valuable to the whole.

People may not remember what you do, but they remember how you made them feel. When your work force is feeling positive, it’s an all-around good day at the office. We’re here to help alleviate stressors and replace them with smiles and sighs of relief, which is something everyone remembers. We offer both table & chair massage, so it’s easy to craft the perfect massage program for your company. Your entire workplace will love you for it!

“The Onsite Massage team is absolutely amazing. We have them come into WeWork once a month to give 15 minute massages to all of our members. I run a co-working space in DC. A lot of our members are entrepreneurs who are constantly working and forget to relax every once in a while, so we thought we could bring the relaxation to them. The look on their faces after they get their massages is priceless. Onsite Massage’s work has literally helped improve our members’ productivity and level of satisfaction. Johanna and her team are a bunch of miracle workers!”

Kallie Seniff
WeWork Community Manager