Team & Employee Appreciation

We’re here to help you say, ‘Thank You.’

Your team works hard to keep things running smoothly, and they deserve a little appreciation for all their efforts and cooperation. We know how important it is to keep spirits up and the positivity flag flying! Whether you’ve finally reached the light at the end of the project tunnel (or are still desperately trying to reach it), we’re here to help you boost the smile quotient & see everyone through. A little goes a long way!

“Our company has been lucky enough to get to know the amazing team at Onsite Massage through their monthly visits to WeWork. Let me tell you, each 20 minute massage is pure magic – it’s like being transported to a different place, away from the usual busy day packed with meetings and deadlines. Not only do they bring comfy massage tables with them, they transform our usual conference rooms to feel completely Zen, including music! We love their massages so much that we just booked them as the main feature for our company’s 5-year Anniversary Party – what better way to celebrate the successes of hard work than getting massages for everyone!? Onsite Massage is a gem and DC is so fortunate to have them around.”

Susan Moon,
Context Partners